Stuff you need to know today – Thursday, November 18th

Okay, two in the series, I might be done.  We’ll see….

Gourmet Food and Wine Show

Starts tonight, with the VIP event.  I’ll be connecting with some VIPs (haha) and would love to hook up.  Leave a comment if you’re going down tonight, and I’ll keep my eyes peeled.  Full information here (

Happy Birthday Kilkenny

Tonight, Paddy and the crew at Ceili are celebrating the 300th birthday of the epic Irish Ale, Kilkenny.  Pints of the nectar will be $5, and there’s rumour of a deal on oysters.  Paddy better bring his “fast shucking” knife.

Chocolate and Coffee brews can stay

I don’t know if you follow this type of thing (or worse, if you drink it), but beverages like Four Loko and Joose are causing quite a do stateside.  First off, for the uninitiated, these drinks are “flavoured malt beverages with caffiene”.  Yep, about as gross as it sounds.  They serve one purpose, and one purpose alone:  to get wicked drunk.  Despite the fact that these drinks weigh-in at two to three times the alcohol of a single beer, the FDA and US government have decided to try to ban them, based on their caffiene content.  There is a great article already written voicing the stupidity of this here, which is well worth the read.  My bigger concern is this:  Does that mean no Meantime Coffee Porter, BrewDog Paradox or Great Lakes/St. John’s Wort Lazarus Breakfast Stout?  These are beers that have caffiene in them, from the coffee they are brewed with.

In a word, “no”.  It seems that our big brothers to the south haven’t totally lost it.  Just mostly.  So seek out a lovely coffee-flavoured beer (Dark Star Espresso Stout is still available at a lot of LCBO’s), and toast the FDA, and college kids everywhere who will simply go back to Vodka/Redbulls.

Hope to see you tonight!

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