Ernest Cider — Faris Farms

Hey! It’s Cider Week here in Ontario, and I’m stoked to have been passed a few cans of a new cider to try out. It’s called Ernest Cider from Faris Farms, which is in Newmarket. The ingredients list apple juice (first), honey, organic cane sugar, and sulphites. The can says it’s a dry cider, not from concentrate and slow fermented, so it sounds good so far.

Ernest Cider — Faris Farms

Ernest Cider — Faris Farms

From a tall boy can, Ernest Cider pours a light brilliantly clear straw yellow. Very active carbonation virtually pours aromas of green apples, a bit of barnyard funk, and a touch of sulphur. There is a little floral note that could be the honey, but I suspect it’s actually just from the fruit and the yeast. Taste is quite nice, dry and tart, a little tannic. Apples are tart and fresh, with a bit of apple skin to them. Funk is less pronounced on the palate, as is the sulphur, though both are still there if you look for them. Finish is tart and dry, with a bit of alcoholic heat. Very refreshing and easy-drinking, but with enough depth to interest me. And way way better than the alcoholic apple flavoured soda pop that some companies try to sell as cider.

Nice work Faris Farms!

Buy Ernest Cider

At the LCBO and bars around Toronto.

Drink This With

A pork pie. The richness of the crust and the fatty savoury filling will be cut and complimented by the tart dry apples.

About Faris Farms

We believe that apple cider should be made simply and honestly.  We’re a husband and wife team passionate about apples, cider our community and our environment.

It took several months of trial and testing to create Ernest Cider.  We’re proud to offer you a cider like no other and we hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed our journey so far.

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