West Coast Session Lager — Local 7

For the uninitiated, every year for Session Toronto a group of bar owners (The Local 7) produce a limited release beer for the festival in partnership with Sweetgrass Brewing and Sawdust City. Each of the bars serve the beer during OCB Week, and it is available at a limited number of LCBOs. They’ve done a lovely saison in the past, but this year they’ve given a nod to the trend of session IPAs and lighter hoppier brews that are so popular. West Coast Session Lager is a 4.5% lager hopped like an IPA with a bit of lime added.

West Coast Session Lager — Local 7

West Coast Session Lager — Local 7

From a tallboy, West Coast Session Lager pours a slightly hazy amber with a tight 1.5″ head that slowly dissipates and leaves generous lacing. Aroma is Lightly malty, with big citrusy hops, and a touch of lime juice. Taste is bright and refreshing. Lime juice and peel, grapefruit peel, evergreen, and wildflower. Just a hint of spices and a touch of something herbal. Malts are very subdued, but there is a touch of grainy malt that I’m guessing is pilsner malt. Super clean dry finish, with echos of the lime and citrus juice. Wonderfully refreshing and sessionable. I could drink many of these sitting on a patio, or under the sun at Yonge and Dundas Square on Saturday.

Cheers to Local 7 & Session Toronto!

Buy West Coast Session Lager

Available soon at the Group of 7 bars (The Auld Spot, Bar Hop, Bryden’s, Bar Volo, C’est What, The Only Cafe, and WVRST), the LCBO (#466649), and at Session Toronto June 11th.

Drink This With

Fish tacos! With a nice bright slaw, and a tart lime-chilli sour cream sauce. The hops and lime astringency will cut the right fried fish, and will compliment the slaw and the sauce.

About The Local 7

We’re a collective of Toronto’s best beer bars: The Auld Spot Pub, Bar Hop, Bydens, Bar Volo, C’est What, The Only Cafe, and WVRST Beer Hall. In 2014, The Local 7 was brought together in support of Griffin SESSION Toronto Craft Beer Festival and Ontario Craft Beer Week to create a beer that would bring the new season in with at BANG!


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