Too Much News

Wow, stop blogging for a few weeks to actually do something to earn income, and you find yourself with a not small backlog of news, samples, and events. Let’s get to this:

I Call It Uncanny

A few beers are now available in cans, and I couldn’t be happier. Why? Cans are perfectly air-tight and light-proof; read: a better temporary home for your beer on its journey towards your mouth. The also are lighter than glass, so reduce the carbon footprint of shipping them. And while they can’t be reused like glass bottles, they get crushed, so can be sent for recycling in an easy manner. Also, for any style other than big imperial stouts and barleywines, I prefer the slightly larger format. So who’s rocking the new outfit? Mill St Tank House Ale (LCBO #399162), and St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (LCBO #398677)!

Speaking of Cans

As long as we’re talking cans at the LCBO, let’s talk Pompous Ass. Remember that stellar English Pale Ale Great Lakes made a while back? Well it’s back (good), available in cans soon at the LCBO (better), and will be part of their permanent line-up, alongside the sublime Canuck Pale Ale (best). It’s not listed on the LCBO site, but it will be there soon. Pick some up, and as Fuggled Doublebottom says “Drink this beer fresh”!

Not In A Can But….

If you were at Session this summer, you will have likely tried the collab Spearhead Brewing did with Sam Roberts Band, where it won best collaboration at the fest. Sam himself, might have even poured it for you. It’s a lovely session ale at 33IBU and 4.5%. Its balance and snappy hops are interesting enough to appeal to beer snobs, but it’s approachable enough to bring to a party. LCBO #398750. While you’re picking it up, grab yourself a few of their Belgian-style Stouts too, to ward off these polar-vortex night chills (LCBO #399287).

Looks like a nice evening in.

Looks like a nice evening in.

Got Plans Tonight?

I do. I’ll be at the Amsterdam BrewHouse for one of their epic Adventure Brew dinners. In addition to an incredible menu designed by Chef Wells, each course will have both a beer pairing, as well as a wine from Good Earth Winery. Full details here: At $65+tax/gratuity, it’s also a great value.

Sad That You’re Busy Tonight?

No worries, I’ve got your back. BBQ Pork Ninjas are hosting a pop-up at Tallboys on Monday, and it looks like a doozy! $40 for food served family-style, including pulled pork, baby back ribs, brisket, smoked mac and cheese, chicken lolipops, apple crisp with maple bacon ice cream, and more. They’ll also help you choose a beer to pair if you’d like. These guys are a legit BBQ team, competing across the continent through the summer competition season. You will be neither sorry nor hungry at the end of this night! for details and tickets.

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