Old News: The LCBO is The Beer Store’s bitch

If you’ve been following along the usual social media channels today, you will likely have seen a good deal about the leaked document outlining the operational agreement between The LCBO and BRI Inc (the fancy name for The Beer Store). I was one of more than a few writers that got sent the leaked document from the tipster. I didn’t post it here, because the reality is, there wasn’t really anything new in it. It outlines details like the LCBO not selling anything in packages bigger than 6-packs (The Beer Store sells huge volumes of 24s), the LCBO not selling products to licensees (bars, restaurants, SOP holders, etc) that are available at The Beer Store, etc. That it documented it was a moot point to me, because those policies aren’t secret.

That said, The Toronto Star printed an article on it today. It’s not remotely surprising, as they like keeping the pressure on the provincial government. And I respect that. They do a great job by adding some interviews with people involved, and paint a pretty gross picture of the Harris tories (who politically should have been all for a free market) forcing this agreement on The LCBO on behalf of the lobbyists for The Beer Store, who’s owners certainly are providing nice campaign donations. They also point out that subsequent Liberal governments, who obviously are aware of the agreement, have done nothing to rectify it. Again, all facts we knew, but good to keep stoking that fire. Opening up beer and wine sales, or at the very least trying to break the Beer Store monopoly is a very real possibility during this administration. And that would be good.

If this is all new to you:

Read the original leaked document here (it’s horrendously boring, and nowhere near as “scandalous” as the Star article makes it out to be).

Read The Star Article here

Read a good commentary from Canadian Beer News here

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  1. Chris
    Posted December 28, 2014 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    I have never been so proud to be a homebrewer than now. I read the articles about the beer store and LCBO and find them quite funny. The Ontario public have been taking it from the Beer Store for many years now. We are being laughed at from Americans all the time. I know, I have US relatives who come here in the summer and can’t believe we put up with it. Being from Ontario, I certainly do believe it. I boycott the LCBO and the Beer Store. I get my beer info from the internet, books and beer forums. I don’t need to buy store bought beer to get ideas on recipes. The worse part of all of this is those gutless, idiotic politicians making fools of themselves drinking mega-crap free beer. That just goes to show you how low-life our Ontario politicians really are. BTW, I had on hand 8 24’s of various styles of beer for the holidays and am fermenting 8 more right now. All tax free!! Take that the Beer Store and Ont. gov’t.

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