Beer News

Beer News

Friday, dust off your boots kids

Well, it’s Friday, and there’s stuff happening.  And you probably should know about it, so you’re not sitting at home, waiting by the phone for a call that’s just not coming.  Whatever that means. Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face In case you didn’t know, the next line is “great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!”  I […]

Review of my January 5th Resolutions

Well, welcome back.  I trust everybody had a wonderful holiday season?  For myself, I spent a lot of time with ones dear to me, and also drank more than a few excellent beers.  I actually hadn’t intended to be off blogging for 3 weeks, but there you have it.  I’m back, and feeling charged up […]

Let’s call it Monday-Friday

Well, it’s nice to blame missing a post on something other than being sick.  Friday slipped by with no post, simply because it’s that time of the year when other stuff keeps popping up.  But we still have plenty to look forward to in the beer world, so let’s get cracking! Volo In April 1997, […]

Beer Lovers Wish List

Well, it’s probably time to think about gift-giving for this holiday season. There is no shortage of excellent beers to give that special beer-loving someone in your life. And old favourite is joined by a new favourite this year at the LCBO for the winter beer release.  Lava from Ölvisholt Brugghús is back, in all […]

Monday, the Week(s) in Brief (long)

Paddy McMurray's chowder and chips (judging presentation). So damn tasty.

Oh dear.  It’s been a while, sorry for that.  I’m not sure if this is a cold, or pneumonia, but whatever poxy my adorable son has inflicted upon me is kicking my ass all over the street.  My coughing got bad enough over the weekend that I seemed to have done something to my ribs.  […]

Friday Already? Better Get Ready!

Oh wow, sorry I dropped off the face of the bloggy world there.  I basically spent Monday-Thursday horizontal on the couch.  I hate being sick.  Worst part, is the total inability to taste anything.  Including beer.  I made pumpkin pie last night, and was like “Hmmmm, this is, sweet.  And possibly has pumpkin in it….” […]

Monday Wrap-up, November 19th 2012 — Gourmet Food and Wine and More

The scary looking wire restraint on the cork in the 3 Monts

Wow, I’m stumbling through my facebook timeline trying to figure out what I did last week.  It’s all a haze, and for once, it has nothing to do with what I drank.  I’ve been popping Buckley’s capsules like tic-tacs and losing a battle with a cold fermented in my son’s under-developed immune system.  So looking […]

Friday: Having a great time, wish you were beer.

Imbibe Cask Night featuring Stone Hammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout, November 16 2012

Ah Friday. Welcome back old friend.  For me, Friday means hockey and beers with friends.  Not a bad combo.  Today, there’s a bit more to be done (as you’ll see), but for now, this is how I feel: I wish I could get confetti and balloons to drop from the ceiling of my blog.  I […]

Two Things I Love

Hey, it’s wildcard Wednesday.  So I thought I would tell you about two things I love in Toronto.  One I’ve known about for years, the other I’ve just discovered.  I would encourage you to check out both things, possibly this weekend.  Perhaps one than the other?  Could make for a heck of a day/night. Sauce […]

Monday Wrap-up, November 12th 2012, Great Lakes and The Only Cafe

The silicone chip inside her head/ gets flipped to overload. Hey, how was your weekend?  Mine was great thanks.  Pretty full, but we’ll deal with that in a moment. I know it seems strange, given that November is normally a down month, but my golly, there was a lot going on last week. Home-brewer of […]