Beer News

Beer News

Steam Whistle’s Oktoberfest

Steam Whistle Oktoberfest

As confusing as this is to most North Americans, most of Oktoberfest actually happens in Munich during the last bit of September.  It’s a 16 day festival that ends on the first weekend in October.  So don’t be surprised as you see Oktoberfest events starting, well, this weekend, like Steam Whistle’s version of the party.

Digging out of the news heap

So, every so often, I realize that I’ve totally neglected the blizzard of news releases and facebook events and whatever else people use to try to get the attention of a group of highly inattentive beer bloggers.  So here’s what’s going on: The Only Indeed, it’s that time of the quarter, and The Only cafe […]

Maverick and Gose

It’s official: the LCBO will see it’s first collaborative-brew from Ontario brewers (having had Brooklyn/Schneider’s Hopfenweisse), with the release of Amsterdam/Great Lakes Maverick and Gose.  What’s extra crazy, is it’s a gose, that old-fashioned, slightly salty tart beer.  A big day for GTA brewing! Look for it at LCBOs starting next week, $6.95/500ml bottle! It’s […]

The Monday Wrap

Well now, it’s Monday morning. How was your weekend?  I had my last Friday night hockey followed by drinks at the Monk’s Table, Saturday was the epic Beaunly (more on that in a moment), and yesterday was nicely chill. I think I’m getting back into synch with Toronto living. So About That Beaunly Oh yes.  […]

Well hello again

Hey there beer people in Toronto! Not sure if you noticed, but I’ve been gone for nearly two weeks.  Indeed, I was off in Nicaragua (more on that in a moment) and while I’m not too pleased with the 40C difference in temperature (seriously) I’m glad to be back in the land of awesome beer […]

Left Field Launch Party at 3030

If you were one of the 600 or so people who read my post on Left Field Brewery over the past few days, you might be excited to know, the launch party has been announced! Hosted by 3030 in The Junction on April 5th, opening pitch (it might be an Eephus) is at 7:07pm.  Eephus, […]

So You Think You Want To Own A Pub?

Let me tell you about my bar. It’s called The Duke of Bendale Inn.  It’s in an old Georgian home, with a large veranda on the front and a beautiful garden in the back.  If you’re interested in the latest news or meeting new people, the bar is for you.  It’s just inside the front […]

Left Field Brewery Launches

I mentioned in my Saturday post, but Ontario has hit 100 Craft brewers who are operating, or have at least applied to by licensed to produce beer in Ontario.  Possibly, Left Field was the brewery that broke through the triple-digit barrier.  My friend Mark Murphy and his wife Mandie have decided to join the craft […]

The Should Have Been Friday, Saturday News Post

Well, I had the best of intentions, I really did.  I had a bunch of great news items and events to post yesterday.  Then I didn’t.  The good news, is I’m doing it now.  And it’s not too late!  So if you’re just getting back in from brunch, and wondering what to do with yourself, […]

Snowy Friday

Yes, it’s true, here in Toronto, it’s snowing like we’re in Canada or something.  Shut the place down! The good news is, we still have beer.  And in case you don’t — despite predictions to the contrary — the world is not over, and places like the LCBO and many breweries are open for business […]