B-Side Brewing Label releases first single today, Kissmeyer Nordic Saison

OTTAWA – (July 24, 2014) B-Side Brewing Label, Ontario’s “record label, but for beer!” is releasing a new beer today, a Nordic Saison from brewing artist Kissmeyer Beer. This is the second beer release under the brewing label, which launched in 2013. Eastern Ontario’s Beau’s All Natural Brewery, which operates the B-Side label, is calling the new release a “single,” meaning that it will be available for a limited time only.

Pale and slightly opaque, the Nordic Saison is brewed with organic sea buckthorn berries, organic rosehips, and fresh local organic rhubarb and honey, for a uniquely Nordic and fruity character. The versatile beer is medium-bodied, lively and effervescent, and uniquely dry. It offers medium bitterness along with spicy floral and fruity aromas, and finishes slightly fruity, tart and crisp. The recipe was created and brewed by self-proclaimed gypsy-brewer and brewing industry icon Anders Kissmeyer, of Kissmeyer Beer in Denmark.

Nordic Saison Anders Kissmeyer

Nordic Saison Anders Kissmeyer

“The common characteristics of modern saison beers are spicy, peppery and earthy notes contributed by the specific blends of saison yeast used for brewing,” notes Kissmeyer of his creation.  “In this beer the saison character is combined with a Nordic influence in order to reflect the terroir of the home of Kissmeyer Beer.”

B-Side Brewing Label was created to boost the diversity and availability of tasty, fresh craft beer in the province of Ontario. Craft beer and music have an affinity that draws them together naturally — this led to the concept of B-Side Brewing Label, a music-industry inspired distribution model for craft beer.

Like a record label, B-Side signs to the label brewers or breweries that are internationally recognized for their great beers. These craft brewers brew their beer at Beau’s. Like a record label does for their artists, Beau’s handles the nuts-and-bolts of packaging and selling these Ontario-brewed B-Side beers.

B-Side is rooted at the Beau’s brewery but is not a Beau’s brand; rather it is a portfolio of international brands of excellence being produced fresh and locally for the Ontario market. B-Side Brewing Label currently has one full-time brand, Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale, available year-round on tap as well as at Ontario LCBO locations.

B-Side single Kissmeyer Nordic Saison is presented in a signature B-Side Brewing Label 600 ml bottle, and will be available for a limited time at a price of $7.85, direct from the Vankleek Hill brewery, or for home delivery in Ottawa via BYBO.ca. It can also be found on tap at select restaurants and pubs across the province beginning this week.

About Beau’s

BEAU’S All Natural Brewing is a family-run craft brewery founded in 2006. BEAU’S brews interesting, tasty beers using the highest-quality organic ingredients & local spring water. A member of the Ontario Craft Brewers, BEAU’S is a recipient of numerous international awards for brewing excellence, including 2 GOLD medals at Mondial de la Bière (Strasbourg, France, and Montreal, Quebec); 6 GOLD medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards, 7-times “Best Craft Brewery in Ontario” (2007-2013) and 5-times “Best Craft Beer in Ontario” (2007-2011) at the Golden Tap Awards; LCBO Brewmasters Cup Champion (2013); and “Best Beer” and “Best Brewery” at the National Capital Craft Beer Festival (2012-2013). BEAU’S received a Community Builder Award from the United Way (2013), and was CAFE’s 2010 Canadian Family Enterprise of the Year.  BEAU’S flagship and seasonal beers are available throughout most of Ontario. BEAU’S entire line of beer is certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd, and BEAU’S is a Certified B-Corp.

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