Sweetback’s Milk Stout — Rainhard Brewing Co.

With so many other things taking up my time (mainly the podcast and Sight Glass Videos), it’s been ages since I actually sat down to review a beer. But I was out to visit Rainhard Brewery to interview Jordan for a video, and when he handed me a bottle of Sweetback’s Milk Stout, I knew right away I was going to set aside some time to review it. For the uninitiated, milk stouts have lactose (sugar) added to them. Yeast can’t metabolise lactose (lacotse intolerant?), so none of that sugar is fermented, and it remains in the finished product, giving them a sweet taste and heavier body than other stouts. If you know Rainhard, you know Jordan is a man who loves his big hoppy beers, so it will be interesting to see what he does with a style that is not classically hop-forward.

Sweetback's Milk Stout — Rainhard Brewing Co.

Sweetback’s Milk Stout — Rainhard Brewing Co.

From a 650 ml bomber from the brewery, Sweetback’s Milk Stout pours an intense opaque black, with hints of chestnut brown at the edges. A kahaki brown head drops to a nice fuzzy layer of foam fairly quickly. Aroma is beautiful roasted malts: burnt sugar, cocoa, and coffee, with a little smoke. Just a touch of milk in the sweetness. Flavour is well balanced, and not cloyingly sweet. More roasted malts, though more in the coffee department. Lactose sweetness is more of a feeling than a taste, but is present all across the palate, but the finish is clean and dry, I presume from something hoppy, though I couldn’t tell you what the hop is. I only know it’s there by its action on the malts. Medium mouthfeel, with a moderate carbonation, it is a totally approachable beer. A fantastic offering from Rainhard!

Cheers to Jordan and his crew

Buy Sweetback’s Milk Stout

At the brewery retail store, and possible at some bars around Toronto.

Drink This With

Dessert seems like an obvious choice here, perhaps just enjoy it with some complimentary flavours, bits of dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, etc.

About The Brewery

Rainhard Brewing started out as many breweries have…in the basement of his parents house as a home brewer. Easily one of the most addicting hobbies, it quickly turned into a passion, and then into the unavoidable “I’m going to open my own brewery”. After honing in on the recipes, and entering and winning numerous home brew competitions, it was time to quit the day job! This is Rainhard Brewing, and we want to share our passion for crafting great beer with you.


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