Springbock — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Despite the fact that we are again in the throes of a polar vortex (which I suppose is better than a Peruvian Sharknado), spring is just around the corner. Hiding like a sadistic child wearing a planet of the apes mask, waiting to terrify their kid-sister. Except that in this case, the terror is in the waiting. Unsure that, despite decades of personal experience, spring might never come. Well you need to relax, it is coming, and one of the early indicators is the return of maibock beers. These are the bocks that Germans brew to be enjoyed as the weather moves from shockingly cold, to manageable-while-wearing-a-sweater. When you can stand outside on a patio, not wearing gloves or a toque, but still surrounded by melting snowbanks.  And Amsterdam’s Springbock (which I’m guessing is some kind of a nod to South Africa’s Dutch-influence in their history) is a classic maibock. So thumb your nose at the windchill, and crack open one of these beauties. As an aside, if you’re going to join me and not eat for Lent, these would be a good beer to keep you upright. At 7.2% abv, you might not even notice you’re not eating…..

Springbock — Ansterdam Brewing Co.

Springbock — Ansterdam Brewing Co.

From a screened 500ml bottle, Springbock pours a crystal clear reddish brown. About 3/4″ of foamy head drops to a good ring and layer of fuzz supported by a pretty active carbonation. Aroma is malty and sweet. Caramel and rye bread. A little bit of spices and alcohol, and some earthy hoppy notes. Taste is incredibly balanced; immediately dry and a little herbal from the hops, but with a sweet Munich-malt presence. Just a touch of warming alcohol at the back of the palate. There’s a little hit of fruitiness, but the beer drinks so clean.  Body is nearly medium, smooth and silky, with a delicate carbonation.  Just bright enough to be sessionable, but still sturdy enough to keep you on a bright spring patio (or biergarden, if you prefer). Just a spectacular example of the style. Now let’s get some spring weather, and take it out for a spin!

Cheers to Iain and the crew at Amsterdam!

Buy Amsterdam Springbock

Available right now at the brewery retail store, at bars around the GTA and at the LCBO (#208942).

Drink It With

A delicious preztel, for sure. How about one you made yourself from the recipe in David Ort’s Craftbeer Cookbook? Maybe with a plate of some sauerkraut and wurst? For a cheese, go with something hard, but not too sharp. A nice spiced gouda, perhaps.

About The Brewery

The Amsterdam Brewing Company is an independently owned and operated craft brewery that is deeply rooted in the city of Toronto. A pioneer of the craft beer revolution in 1986 and initially called the Amsterdam Brasserie and Brew Pub, The Amsterdam was the first of its kind in Toronto to offer patrons hand crafted lagers and ales that were brewed ‘in-house’. Today they brew over ten different beers including their flagship lager – Amsterdam Natural Blonde, the award winning Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Boneshaker IPA and multiple year-round and seasonal brews. The Amsterdam Brewing Company uses only traditional brewing methods and their beers are made with four all natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast, and water. All beers are GMO-free, without preservatives, and never heat pasteurized.

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