Miami Weiss – Great Lakes Brewery

Ah Great Lakes, you and your crazy names.  Robohop, Does the Muumuu make me look hefe?, and the classic, Miami Weiss (say it. Remember, that “W” is pronounced like a “V” in German).  Miami Weiss, up until now, has only been available on draught at bars in southern Ontario and at festivals, where it is often served in a dry-hopped cask version.  The funny thing about it, is it’s not a weisse beer.  It would more accurately be called a pale ale, with a lot of wheat in the grain bill.  But you’ve got to love the name.  It’s available for a limited time at the LCBO, and often found at bars around Toronto.

Miami Weiss - Great Lakes Brewery

Miami Weiss - Great Lakes Brewery

From a cool 650ml bottle with no freshness date I could find, the beer pours a hazy yellow, nearly dirty blond, hints at brown in the middle.  A generous fluffy head slowly drop to a nice layer that leaves some nice lace.  Aroma is heavily hops, juicy American hops, with some citrusy wheat notes too.  Definitely sharp pine, a bit of lemon peel, and some spices.  Taste is immediately hops, quite dry and piney, less citrus, though there still is a bit of a lemon note.  The hops are quite drying, nearly sticky on your cheeks.  Malts are fairly subdued, but there is a touch of sweetness, and the wheat adds a really nice mouthfeel and a little tart note.  Body is nice and smooth, with a decent carbonation that is bright and keeps the weight of the hops from being too much.  Some nice  yeasty notes, though it’s not the classic spicy weisse yeast, it’s got a nearly British ale quality to it.  This is a crazy beer, if you like your weisse beers, it might surprise you, but it is a lovely beer.  If you’re a hop head and normally stay away from wheats, give it a try, you probably won’t be sorry.

Miami Weiss LCBO #194241

About The Brewery

Independently owned by the Bulut family, we produce our beer as it was done hundreds of years ago by using an open fire, copper brew house built in Germany in the early 1900’s.

Our small-batch brewing process allows us to carefully blend only the finest all natural ingredients to produce our award-winning beers. Our water, hops, malts and yeast are selected from local producers and those afar on the basis of but one criteria; quality.

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