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Monday Wrap-up, November 12th 2012, Great Lakes and The Only Cafe

The silicone chip inside her head/ gets flipped to overload. Hey, how was your weekend?  Mine was great thanks.  Pretty full, but we’ll deal with that in a moment. I know it seems strange, given that November is normally a down month, but my golly, there was a lot going on last week. Home-brewer of […]

Wellington Brewing Russian Imperial Stout Sorbet

Wellington Russian Imperial Stout Sorbet

When you think summer, a few tasty treats pop to mind. For me, the hot weather definitely increases my desire for ice cream and beer, among other things.  So why not combine these wonderful fancies?  Well, no shortage of people will bang on about the virtues of the Guinness Float (or really, any stout).  I […]

Pan-Ontario Whiskey Barrel Aged — Beau’s, Flying Monkeys, Grand River, Great Lakes and Wellington

Pan-Ontario Whiskey Barrel Aged

Phew, long enough title?  So Pan-Ontario is actually a bottle from OCB Week, and I beer I drank at Session, but I got a bottle of it last time I was by Great Lakes.  A blended beer organized and aged by Beau’s, to celebrate some of the finest brews in the province.  So to be […]