OCB Week — Friday June 22nd, 2012

Oh man oh man oh man, I feel like James Brown doing the cape bit in Please Please Please.

We’re still going right? Everybody taking good care of each other out there? We’re coming down the stretch now, tuck your chin, get those hands up and enjoy every minute that remains in OCB Week.


Today our friends at Grand River Brewing are celebrating their fifth anniversary. So obviously they’re going to throw a heck of a party. From 3-9pm today there will be one-offs, food-music and many many well-wishers to party with at the brewery in Cambridge.  If you’re in the area, stop by, raise a glass (of the Mild, if you’re me), and toast one of Ontario’s finest.

Festival Season

I know I kind of go on about Session99 a lot, but there are other festivals happening this week too.  The Happy Traveler Craft Beer festival in Guelph is featuring some excellent breweries including Wellington Brewery, F&M Brewery, Neudstat Brewery, and Barley Days Brewery. The event runs all weekend, starting today.

It only took 200 years

This summer marks the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 (easy math there….), and there are stacks of events around the city commemorating it.  Many include beer, as any Redcoat would demand. C’est What? is having a bi-centennial beer celebration, and are tapping a cask of Amsterdam’s Bi-Centennial Molasses Porter, which sounds just incredible. If you’re not busy in Guelph or Cambridge tonight, make sure you stop by C’est What and grab a pint.

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