Beer Review

Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA — Arch Brewing Co.

Hey, did you read my post yesterday, about the explosion of new brewers out there? Well, Arch is in that cohort, but is definitely one doing things well.  Partnered with Paul Dickey, and making their beer on contract at Welly, they are taking the act of making great beer seriously.

Barrel Aged Double Tempest — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Barrel Aged Double Tempest — Amsterdam brewing Co.

You know those imperial stouts, that are like, double imperial stouts?……. So lots and lots of people really like Amsterdam’s tempest Imperial Stout.  Like, it’s pretty normal to hear descriptions like “Best Imperial Stout in Toronto.” etc.  It’s just really really good.  It was even better when they made it Full City Tempest and included […]

Bellwods 3 Minutes to Midnight vs Amsterdam Sour Cherry Imperial Stout

Despite to much evidence to the contrary, I love it when somebody proves me totally wrong.  Such was the case with this pairing.  I know Bellwoods’ 3 Minutes to Midnight well.  We got the first ever cask of it at Castro’s for our 50th anniversary celebration of the Cuban Missle Crisis.  I’m not sure if […]

Great Lakes Etobichoker vs Indie Alehouse Instigator IPA

Great Lakes Etobichoker vs Indie Alehouse Instigator IPA

Okay, I’m the first to admit it: today’s match-up is a totally uneven bout.  Indie Alehouse’s awesome Instigator IPA is a rock-solid American-style IPA, and a constant crowd-pleaser at the brewpub. Etobichoker is a new Tank Ten brew from Great Lakes, and is a Belgian double-IPA.  While they both share three initials, that’s probably where […]

Bellwoods Hellwoods vs Amsterdam Tempest

Bellwoods Hellwoods vs Amsterdam Tempest

Day two of the battle royale.  Today it’s a shaolin vs grasshopper kind of day, with Bellwoods Hellwoods Russian Imperial Stout matched against Amsterdam Tempest Imperial Stout.  You should probably know that both Luke and Mike of Bellwoods worked at Amsterdam before striking out on their own, and opening the immensely successful Bellwoods Brewery.  Luke, […]

Great Lakes Lake Effect vs Bellwoods Cat Lady

So here starts the head-to-head battles between beers.  Before I address the two contenders, let me make something clear:  The four breweries involved are absolutely top brewers in Toronto.  None of these matches are likely to be landslide victories.  In fact, I expect to have trouble picking winners.  Mike and the folks at Great Lakes […]

urBock — Creemore Springs Brewery

ur Bock — Creemore Springs Brewery

Bock beers have a well earned reputation as wonderful, if not occasionally misunderstood, beers.  Glorious Maibocks help us welcome back warm days and outdoor drinking in the spring. Sturdy bocks and doppelbocks keep as from starving during our 40 days fasting for lent (you do stop eating for lent, right?). The fact that these big […]

Vanilla Porter — Mill Street Brewery

Vanilla Porter — Mill Street Brewery

As fall seems to have officially hit here in Toronto, it’s no surprise that I find myself with a fridge full of classic cold weather brews.  This one, from Mill Street, is a classic for drinkers at their brewpub or new beer hall in the distillery district.  Long a seasonal favourite, when Mill Street announced […]

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Autumn Hop Harvest Ale — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Fall is a great time for beer drinking. Sweet Oktoberfest Marzens that you drink by the litre, pumpkin beers with their earthy rich flavours, and a range of “harvest ales” that range from spiced warmers, to hoppy pale ales.  Amsterdam introduced their Autumn Hop Harvest Ale this year, featuring fresh (“wet”) Cascade hops, literally picked […]

Nama Cho — Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

Wait a second, why are you reading a review about a rice wine on  Right? I mean, come on, it’s WINE.  Well friend, let me take a moment to defend myself:  What is wine?  It’s a fermented drink made from the juice of a fruit.  Sound fair?  What is beer?  A fermented drink made […]