The Monday Wrap

Well now, it’s Monday morning. How was your weekend?  I had my last Friday night hockey followed by drinks at the Monk’s Table, Saturday was the epic Beaunly (more on that in a moment), and yesterday was nicely chill. I think I’m getting back into synch with Toronto living.

So About That Beaunly

The Beaunly

Nice sign, Fabs!

Oh yes.  Hard to imaging a better idea than having Beau’s take over all 24 taps and 1 cask at The Only on Danforth.  From a killer list, ranging from standards like Lug Tread to crazy things like Pan-Ontario, I managed to tick boxes on everything I hadn’t tried before.  And I even made it home in one piece!  Top picks were Bog Father with my Nicaraguan cigar, Party Beaver which is a sour parti-gyle from the Beaver River (if I recall correctly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t), and the Sticke Alt on cask.  Big thanks to Steve and the Beau’s crew, and Fabian and the folks at The Only.  What an awesome night!

Reviews This Week

I’ve got a bunch, let’s see if I can get through them all! Coming down the pipe: Amsterdam Market Pale Ale, Amsterdam Lady Stavoren Wheat Ale, Alexander Keith’s Hallertau Single Hop, Great Lakes Harry Porter and the Fair Grounds Coffee Beans, Bellwoods Roman Candle IPA, and Bellwoods Omerta Pale Ale. Better get started now….


Hey, are you digging Brewmance?  We love making it.  Still ironing out some details, but we think it’s getting better.  And this week, we’re being joined by Iain McOustra, from Amsterdam.  But with Mark opening his own brewery (Left Field), and Iain working on the Amsterdam Brewpub, it was tough to get a day to brew. So we’re doing it on Thursday.  Which means it won’t likely be ready till Friday sometime.  Hopefully it will be worth waiting for! I don’t want to say what we’re doing, but I’ll give you a little hint.

Good Friday Eve

Fun fact: The Thursday night before Good Friday is generally a very busy night for bars. So either get out there and have fun with it (if you like crowds), or make sure you stay home (if you prefer your space). Also, remember that the LCBO is closed Friday, though many breweries will be open.  And it looks like we might even get “warm” enough this weekend to enjoy a pint outdoors, as long as you have a good sweater.

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