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Podcast Thursday December 13th — Snowman Brewing

Joining me tonight for the Podcast, Kevin Snow and Hirsch Goodman from Snowman Brewing, Toronto’s fully Gluten Free Beer! @SnowmanBrewing —

Brown Ale – Snowman Brewing – 2011

Brown Ale - Snowman Brewing

Frequent readers here will know that I have been championing a pair of brewers here in Toronto who are doing what I thought was the impossible: Brewing gluten-free beers that actually taste like their gluten-full counter-parts. Having had a celiac grandfather and a wife who generally stays away from gluten, I was interested in the […]

Gluten Free Maple Stout – Snowman Brewing

Gluten Free Maple Stout - Snowman Brewing

It’s time for me to get something out in public, and go back on early stuff I used to rant about.  A little more than a year ago, I had tried a couple of gluten-free beers in the hope of discovering that they weren’t awful.  But they were.  I then met the good dudes at […]

The Rambam – Gluten-free Belgian Quad – Snowman Brewing

The Rambam - Gluten-free Quad - Snowman Brewing

You know what I love?  Good beer.  I think that goes without saying, but I said it anyways.  I love weissebeirs and dunkels and pilsners and stouts and imperial lite lagers.  I like it all.  Incidentally (and seemingly non-related) I also love bread and pasta.  See where I’m going?  I’m a bit of a gluten […]

Brown Ale – Snowman Brewing

So at the Black Oak night at Volo during Toronto Beer Week, I was lucky enough to meet a young home-brewer called Kevin Snow.  With his partner, Hirsch Goodman, they make up the brewing team called “Snowman Brewing”, specializing in trying to perfect a gluten-free beer.  My wife, Erika, has recently gone (mostly) gluten-free, so […]