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Cider Week Wrap-Up


And like that, Cider Week is over.  First off, thanks to everybody who took some time to read my posts.  I know this is a beer blog, so I was stoked to see so many people willing to read about something different. It appears a lot of people in Toronto are interested in Cider! I […]

Spirit Tree Wassail

Spirit Tree Wassail

I know, right? Another cider from Spirit Tree?  These guys are honestly doing so much for the craft cider market in Ontario.  I was able to sit down with Thomas, co-founder of Spirit Tree, to get to sample some of their harder-to-find products.  Included with their Reserve and Ice-Cider, was Wassail, a new cider for […]

Spirit Tree Perry

Spirit Tree Perry

Okay, I’m not going to lie, Spirit Tree Perry might well be my awesome discovery from Cider Week.  I had enjoyed their Pub Style Cider before, and knew it was lovely, but this Perry came out of nowhere on me.  Anyways, I’ll tell you more in a minute, but for now: The actual perry.  Made […]

Thornbury Premium Apple Cider

Thornbury Premium Apple Cider

If you’ve been buying cider on draught around Toronto, it’s likely you’ve come across Thornbury Premium Apple Cider.  Made in Ontario, Beer Barons has done an excellent job growing Thornbury’s presence in the GTA and beyond.  From Thornbury Ontario, it is made with 100% fresh (not concentrated) Ontario apples.  Let’s do this.

Pub Style Cider – Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Pub Style Cider - Spirit Tree Cidery

So one of the common complaints by Brits drinking cider in North America, is that it lacks the pop of their beloved cider from the West Country in England.  “Scrumpy” cider is a traditional style of cider from Somerset, and certainly has a lot of “pop”.  Generally cloudy, these ciders are normally made exclusively with […]

Duke’s Cider – Tree Brewing Co.

Duke's Cider - Fireweed Brewing Co.

One of the new-comers to the LCBO this year, Duke’s Cider is produced by Tree Brewing. From Kelowna BC, Duke’s Cider uses a blend of Okanagan apples in its juice. Last year Duke’s was the number one craft cider in BC. It is on LCBO shelves as of this week, and it won’t surprise anyone […]

Original Cider – Alexander Keith’s (Anheuser-Busch/InBev)

Original Cider - Alexander Keith's (AB/InBev)

First out of the gate for Cider Week is Alexander Keith’s Original Cider.  Right out of the box (literally) Keith’s wins the massively over-the-top packaging award.  My two cans of Original Cider arrived in a 22″x14″x7.5″ wooden crate.  Included was a glass, an insulated ice bowl with a partition to separate chilling ice and serving […]

Toronto Beer Blog, Cider Week


Oh yes, it is Cider Week.  It’s like Shark Week, but with less blood and more alcohol! And less production value.  And apples. “….well I got her number. How do you like them apples?” Okay, seriously, why the heck am I doing cider week?  Well, I like cider.  I lost my taste for it a […]