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Chris and Fred’s Beer Pageant — Wrap-up

Well, the first annual Beer Pageant is in the books. After what seems like months of preparations and drinking, it all came down to last Friday night. With a last minute change of venue, and scrambling for judges, we managed to pull it all off.  Before we get to the bottom line, allow me to […]

Chris and Fred’s Beer Pageant — Round Three

For round three, we were joined by J.Love, who does interactive media for Corus (these videos are part of interactive, you see). He is a newly minted GTA resident, via Chicago, and is stoked to see such a vibrant brewing culture here in Southern Ontario. Being a frequent drinker in his native USA of the […]

Chris and Fred’s Beer Pageant — Round Two

Round two, and we were super happy to be joined by Maya and Becky from The Pack A.D., who were our first real guests on the beer break. Today was an Imperial Stout by Jeremy Sokorchid  vs an Imperial IPA by the Brew Brothers (Josh Wagler, Steve Neal, Dave Kent, and Tim & Ben Pinder). […]

Chris and Fred’s Beer Pageant — Round One

We did our first round of the beer pageant today on the Edge, and we did it on video! Check it out: