Sunlight Park Saison — Left Field Brewery

I know I sometimes seem to kind of gush on and on about certain breweries. [cough]Amsterdam[cough]. But you might have noticed I also have something of a crush on Mark and Mandie from Left Field. Heck, I worked their booth for a shift at last year’s Beaches BBQ and Beer Fest. They are honestly two of the nicest people in an industry full of very nice people. Their core beers are all just wonderful. Their branding is sharp and their ability to connect with their customers is amazing. So when they floated a “name the beer” contest on Facebook, I got excited about a new beer. Even if they didn’t pick my suggestion (“Catch De Taste Saison”; golly I miss Roberto Alomar), I was still way more than happy to grab a sample and review it. And if you’re wondering, Sunlight Park was Toronto’s first professional baseball park. It wasn’t actually called Sunlight Park, but as it was adjacent to the Sunlight Soap factory in Riverside, that’s how it came to be known. Nothing is left of it except a historical plaque now, but it’s a perfect name for an awesome summer beer.

Sunlight Park Saison — Left Field Brewery

Sunlight Park Saison — Left Field Brewery

From one of the more attractively labelled sample bottles out there, Sunlight Park Saison pours a slightly tawny orange that glimmers yellow at the edges. Big frothy head drops to a nice layer of foam that is supported by a nicely active carbonation. Aroma is a wonderful display of fresh juicy grapefruit and spicy Belgian saison. There’s also a note of cane sugar and some nice grassy aromas. Just lovely. Taste is fantastic. The grapefruit is less pronounced, with the spicy dry saison showing pepper, licorice and some grassy and leafy hops. Grapefruit adds a subtle tartness and astringency, and some extra bite on the finish. This is clearly not a fruit beer; rather it’s a great saison that uses grapefruit to add depth and complexity. Very bright and refreshing, I would way rather sip this under the open roof of the dome watching Encarnacion hitting dingers and eating over-priced pretzels than what is currently on offer. I will also accept it on a patio, or even just sitting at my desk. It’s lovely. I can’t wait to try it on draught at the Beach BBQ and Beer Fest on Sunday!

Cheers to Mark and Mandie!

Buy Sunlight Park Saison

At great beer bars around Toronto, at their booth at the BBQ and Beer Fest and these OCB Week events:

Drink It With

Well, obviously BBQ at the BBQ and Beer Fest! The dry and spicy saison would also pair very well with a nice tart chevre. Another option, if you’re having it at a bar that is agreeable, would be a bowl of mussles.

About The Brewery

Left Field Brewery LogoKnow that feeling you get on opening day, after a walk-off home run or a suspenseful no-hitter? That’s exactly how we feel about beer.

Left Field Brewery aims to make beers you’ll remember. We’re free agent brewers who started out in the minors as a hobby home-brewery. We’re currently contract brewing with a game plan to build a microbrewery in Toronto to call home.

We started Left Field Brewery under a simple philosophy: that great beer is about great taste and good times. We’re not here to confuse you with jargon or gimmicky promises – we’re here to make distinct, flavourful beers that can stand on taste alone. We’re brewing the kind of beer that we like to drink, inspired by the sport we love to play and watch; the kind of beer you can sit and enjoy during the game while talking shop over a blown call or a spectacular play.


  1. Posted June 13, 2014 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Ain’t nothing wrong with beer crushes (I also love Amsterdam) but this beer sounds delicious. 🙂

  2. Brian Gregoire
    Posted August 7, 2015 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    I like Left Field Brewery. I will have to try this beer, it sounds good.

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