Stuff you need to know today – May 20th 2011

So it’s a long weekend here in Canada, for many of you, you’re hours away from three solid days of bliss.  Some of you are working this weekend.  Either way, here’s some good beer juju for you to start out your Friday.

Birthday Greetings

A little twittering bird told me today somebody is celebrating an important birthday.  So please join my in raising a pint of hoppy cask ale to The Rightly Honourable Mr Nicholas Pashley, author of Notes on a Beermat, and Cheers A History of Beer in Canada. Incidentally, both make excellent gifts if you know somebody else celebrating a birthday (Nick probably already has copies of both, but perhaps you know Stan Mikita, Joe Cocker, Cher, Dave Thomas, David Wells, Busta Rhymes, Vesa Toskala, or Lady Cosima Windsor, and think they would like an insightful humorous read?).  Cheers Nick, here’s to many more!

It’s the end of the world as we know it….

So apparently, according to some flavours of Christians, Jesus is coming back tomorrow.  I want to clarify a point here:  This means all those who this Jesus decides are hip to his cause, will go someplace else.  Heaven, in this case.  For the rest of us (and yeah, I have to assume I’m in the “out” group here), things just get really awful.  I’m told we suffer and junk until sometime in October.  The good news is, I’m assuming this brand of faith probably doesn’t get down to beer and fun, so at least we can still drink and have protected sex after they’re gone….  Incidentally, @Jesus_M_Christ on twitter says that He isn’t saying if He’s coming back, but if He is, following Him on Twitter probably isn’t a bad idea. One more aside: the guy who prophesied this is a pro at proclaiming the end times; according to him, this isn’t the first time the world has been about to end…

Beer News

So while I would never suggest for a moment that I’m not presenting 100% of the beer news in the world, sometimes a fellow likes another source.  If so, may I recommend Lance Martin’s Beer Reviews Daily? I discovered Lance’s news digest when he linked to my post on Oranje Weisse, so we know he’s got great taste.  The digest has a good mix of beer reviews, stuff on bars/restaurants and also general beer-related news.  Check him out!

Saturday Afternoon Beers

Like beer?  Like sunny Sunday afternoons? Well then, you should probably think about heading down to the Amsterdam Brewery Saturday from 12-3.  They’re launching their Oranje Weisse, and it should be a great time.  Lovely beer, food, good people.  And if that kind of thing does it for you, plan on coming out to Castro’s next Saturday (the 28th), when we’re going to feature none other than Amsterdam Brewery.  We’ll have a couple of pretty rare beers available, as well as good food and some folks from the Brewery on hand.  If you manage to stay on your feet until evening, Watch This Sound will be happening at 9, featuring the best vintage Reggae, Rock-Steady, Dub, Jazz, Ska and Soul from Jamaica.

Sunday Afternoon Beers

Why not follow-up a great Saturday afternoon of drinking, with a great Sunday afternoon of drinking?  Not sure of anything specific happening this Sunday, but it’s the long weekend.  Fire up the BBQ, grab a beer from your local brewer (you have one, trust me), and get it done.  And get ready for next Sunday, the first Sunday of The Brewery Market, at the Wychwood Barns.  This month featuring The socially not-so-conscious Flying Monkey’s Brewery from Barrie.  Full details here:

They’re grrrrrrrr-eat!

Oh Great Lakes Brewery, how do I love thee?  Couple of newsworthy bits from the good people at Great Lakes.  One, they’re now tall-boy canning Canuck Pale Ale, their amazing hoppy pale ale, that until now has only been available as a few limited releases.  Also Red Leaf.  They also are hosting a Charity BBQ on the 28th.  Their website doesn’t list a time yet, but I’m guessing you’ll be able to hit up their BBQ, have some beer and good times while supporting a good cause (Franklin Horner Community Centre) then hop some sort of responsible transit over to Castro’s for our Amsterdam party.

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