Steam Whistle Expands Its Delivery Fleet

If you’ve always wanted one of Steam Whistle’s ultra-cool retro delivery trucks to deliver beer directly to your house, your wait is over.

Pretty well anybody who lives or works in Toronto knows Steam Whistle’s amazing fleet of company vehicles. Some deliver beer, some show up at festivals and events, and some just get driven around by sales reps, owners, or folks who win drunken bets with Greg Taylor. I jest, but it’s fair to say, these bright green restored vintage vehicles are known around the city.

Gearheads love them, for the care and detail put into their restoration and branding, beer fans know that where they go, good beer must go too, and regular folk just find them cool to see.

The fleet has been growing since Lumpy the International Stake Truck was made one of the iconic images of the brewery in 2001. You can learn more about each vehicle here.

So what’s the new addition to the fleet? The CAN VAN 10.

Steam Whistle CAN VAN 10

Steam Whistle CAN VAN 10

The CAN VAN 10, is their new cool packaging modeled after their “Steam Machine” a 1967 Econoline Van. Holding 10 355ml cans of Steam Whistle, the CAN VAN 10 is the perfect case for summer.  I’ve long been a proponent of beer packed in 8-10 serving cases. I loved the Cameron’s 9 pack and was sad to see it go. So the CAN VAN 10 makes me very happy indeed.  That it’s full of Steam Whistle is even better.

Featuring cool styling (my five-year-old exclaimed “Cool!!!” when he saw it, and the empty case is about the become his), a zipper-back opening to access your beer, and the easy-carry handle fans equate with Steam Whistle’s suitcase 12-pack, you can pick up your own CAN VAN 10 at the Roundhouse Brewery, and at select The Beer Store locations across Ontario. Roll-out to Alberta and BC is now under-way.

About Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle, an independent brewery housed in Toronto’s historic John St. Roundhouse, has a passionate focus of making just one beer of exceptional quality that Canadians can be proud of. A 2012 Gold Medal winner at the Canadian Brewing Awards, their refreshing Pilsner is crafted with traditional European brewing methods and only four, natural (GMO-free) ingredients under the watchful eye of their Czech Brewmaster. Steam Whistle Pilsner is packaged in signature green glass bottles, cans and draught, and is shipped fresh across Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC to Beer and Liquor Stores as well as licensed bars & restaurants. Steam Whistle welcomed more than 120,000 visitors to the brewery last year to the on-site retail store, for a tour, or to attend one of the many on-site events, concerts and art shows. Highly awarded for its premium beer, its business success, community support and environmental practices, Steam Whistle Pilsner is one of the premiere craft beer brands in Canada. To learn more about what they do really, really well visit
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