Snowy Friday

Yes, it’s true, here in Toronto, it’s snowing like we’re in Canada or something.  Shut the place down! The good news is, we still have beer.  And in case you don’t — despite predictions to the contrary — the world is not over, and places like the LCBO and many breweries are open for business today, so you can sort yourself out.  But first, this just feels right, even if it’s not December.


Radical Dude

Indeed, Radical Road Brewing has their first offering available at the LCBO, Canny Man barrel-aged Scotch Ale.  A perfect beer for a day like today.  If you’re wondering who this Radical Road Brewing is, the good news is, you likely know of the guys already.  You see, it’s a side project of Simon and John, the brewers at Black Oak.  They are technically a contract brewery, though they contract brew at the brewery where they work.  It gets a little silly trying to clear it up; don’t worry about it though, just know that it’s a barrel aged Wee Heavy that was aged in highland whisky barrels.  Go get it.

Canny Man at the LCBO

Radical Road Canny Man Barrel

Breweries generally smell nice, but if you show up the day they take delivery of 80 Whisky barrels, they smell spectacular!

We’ve all got problems

Okay, perhaps your travels today won’t take you to an LCBO?  Fair enough.  If you find yourself in Leaside — aside from being very close to a wonderful LCBO — you will be in Amsterdam’s hood.  And you absolutely should stop by the brewery and pick up a bottle or twelve of their newest Adventure Series brew, Vicar’s Vice Old Ale.  A calssic English-style Old Ale, I got to try it’s first batch at The Only Cafe’s fall beer fest.  It’s big and jammy, with a nice alcohol presence.  Another perfect beer for a day like today.  Also, while you’re there, get a growler of Boneshaker.  You really shouldn’t go to Amsterdam without buying a growler of Boneshaker.

Iain McOustra hates having his picture taken

Iain McOustra hates having his picture taken, but he makes a mean Old Ale

But you’re a west-ender?

Okay, I get it.  You’re a west-of-the-Humber type, not an east-of-the-Don person. Don’t worry.  Great Lakes has your back.  Right now in their retail store, in addition to their usual line-up, they’ve got a selection of bottles that should keep you warm through the snowy Toronto weekend.  So what should you be looking for?  Well, Audrey Hopburn for one, a great Belgian IPA, hoppy and spicy and awesome with that spicy Indian food you’ll probably pick up rather than have to cook tonight. If you’re looking for something a bit hoppier and sturdier, grab yourself some Apocalypse Later, their massive Black Imperial IPA.  Roasty, coffee notes and heaps of hops.  Like, really big heaps.  For dessert, or just to keep you warm after shoveling, you could do a whole lot worse than a bottle of their Harry Porter.  And there is also a Belgian style Strong Dark (what some folks might call a Quad).  I haven’t had this ever, but I think based on it’s pedigree, it’s a worthy offering.  If your curious about this, but won’t be in Etobicoke today, don’t worry, you can also find this one at

The Rhino Winter Beer Fest

Indeed, this Sunday The Rhino is hosting it’s first ever beer festival.  Perfect whether you’re an east-ender, west-ender down-towner or out-of-towner.  In addition to offerings from Great Lakes, these breweries will have representation: Amsterdam – Beau’s – Beer Academy – Bellwoods – Black Oak – Cameron’s – Cheshire Valley – Church Key – F&M – Flying Monkeys – Grand River – Granite – Hogtown – Indie Ale House – Lake of Bays – MacLean’s Ales – Mill Street – Nickel Brook – Sawdust City – Silversmith – Snowman – Spearhead.  Oh yes.  Full details are at their Facebook event page here: Come out and support an awesome bar.


You’ve probably noticed I haven’t really posted anything this week.  This is because we’re in the throes of moving.  I’ve been packing pretty well all week, and actually had to carve out a chunk of time this morning just to post this.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing other stuff next week, at least for the first few days, but hopefully will be back on for the Thursday podcast.  Thanks for your patience!

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