Podcast Thursday December 13th — Snowman Brewing

Joining me tonight for the Podcast, Kevin Snow and Hirsch Goodman from Snowman Brewing, Toronto’s fully Gluten Free Beer! @SnowmanBrewing — https://www.facebook.com/snowmanbrewing

Podcast Thursday (kind of)

Okay, I know your sympathy is waning.  But for real, this sickness has really effed up some of my better intended plans.  So, I’ve been trying to line-up a podcast with some Brits, but it’s proving tricky.  Then I thought maybe (last minute) I could secure some local friends to tag-in, but it was too […]

Podcast, Thursday November 15th 2012 — Anthony Greene and Ken Simpson

Castro's Lounge Logo

Today I’m going to sit down with Anthony Greene (my boss at Castro’s Lounge) and Ken Simpson, movie-maker and DJ extrodinaire.  Anthony and Ken are both film-makers, and also spend a lot of time at Castro’s Lounge.  They’ve mixed these two things together in a way that no other bar has done (that I know […]

Podcast, Thursday November 8th 2012 — Great Lakes Brewery

Great Lakes Brewery Logo

Here is my interview with Peter Bulut, Troy Burch and Mike Lackey from Great Lakes. We talk about Great Lakes history, their 25th anniversary, their 25th anniversary Imperial Black IPA, Project X tonight (November 8th 2012, 6:30 PM) at WVRST Beerhall, and a variety of other topics that just happened to come up. Sorry about […]

Brewer’s Video Round Table — Toronto Beer Week

So I must say, I really had a wonderful time doing this. Mike, Iain and Sam were excellent guests, and I was so happy to have them hang out and talk beer. If you missed the webcast, or just want to watch it again, the full video is posted below. Thanks to everybody who tuned […]

Toronto Beer Blog Podcasts

Well, it’s official.  I’m actually trying to start out my weekly podcasts! If you remember from my January 5th resolutions, I resolved to start a podcast.  I do a weekly bit on the Edge with Fearless Fred, which I love and is great, but has some structural limitations.  I can’t really rant on and on, […]