Podcast Thursday (kind of)

Okay, I know your sympathy is waning.  But for real, this sickness has really effed up some of my better intended plans.  So, I’ve been trying to line-up a podcast with some Brits, but it’s proving tricky.  Then I thought maybe (last minute) I could secure some local friends to tag-in, but it was too last minute.  So, instead of hosting a podcast today, I’ll give you a great little 41 minutes of video with far and away the most influential beer writer ever, Michael Jackson.

I know, if you’ve never come across him, you’re lamenting his parent’s naming choice.  But what’s funny is, when I hear the name “Michael Jackson”, I don’t think of a skinny pop musician first, I think of a somewhat large, bearded British fellow.  I’ve read more of his writing on beer than any other author. Michael passed away in 2007 (not long after this video was made, in fact), but his collected works are still considered foundational reading in the beer world.

By the time this video was made, he was suffering from fairly advanced Parkinson’s Disease, which explains his somewhat awkward gestures and posture at points, and also why he occasionally stumbles on his words.  But his stories are incredible, and while much of this deals with writing, rather than drinking, it’s an amazing look into the mind of the most important beer writer we’ve yet had.  Inspirational.  By the way, if you have the time, watch some of the Beer Hunter episodes that will be linked in the related videos.  They’re marvelously dated and corny at points, but also cover a wide range of beers and styles, and are quite informative.  They also show how far we’ve come.

And raise a pint to Michael’s memory. Like I’m doing now.

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