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Please indulge me; this has nothing to do with beer, but I needed a place to “host” this post, and I’m rather partial to my blog.

So some of you will know that I take a group of teens to Nicaragua every two years on a learning and service trip (some of you will remember my shave-or-grow fund-raiser two years ago). Some of you will also know that I have more than a few tattoos. Well, we’re heading south again at the end of February, and so in the interests of fund-raising, I thought I would try something like the shave-or-grow initiative, but a little more permanent.

You could be the designer of my next tattoo.

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Here’s the deal: Until December 29th, I will be taking submissions of tattoo designs. Designs must be no larger than 3.5″ x 5″, and will need to be “tattoo-able”, or will potentially be slightly re-worked by my artist (the incomparable Stephanie MacDonald of New Tribe Tattoos). They can be full-colour. And they can be anything you want.

I will take all submissions, and working with a small trusted panel, select 3 finalists (because: Boaty McBoatface). Then for 7 days, voting will be open, via donation. Whichever design raises the highest amount will be the winner, and will be tattooed somewhere on my upper right arm. And all the funds raised will go towards the expenses of the youth involved (my costs aren’t coming out of fund-raising).

Need some inspiration? Maybe you’re a brewery, and you think you could get your social media followers to all donate to make your logo the winner. Maybe your child is a budding Picasso (or Pollack) and you want to create a permanent impression of one of their pieces, and you bet their grandparents would chip in a few bordens to make that happen. Maybe you think it would hilarious to get a non-meat-eater to tattoo a pig on a spit on their arm, and you know some like-minded, deep-pocketed friends. The only limits are the limits of your imagination.

So, if you have a design, send it to me via facebook, twitter, or instagram. All three finalists will receive a fantastic prize of beer for their efforts (if you’re under the age of majority in your province, I will substitute some other awesome prize).

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