My Schedule for Toronto Beer Week

Toronto Beer Week

Toronto Beer Week

So I posted my planned schedule in my calendar, but I’m just so damned excited about Toronto Beer Week, I wanted to type some stuff about it too.   Plus this will be a bit more visible.  So here we go:

So things kick off this Saturday, with the Dieu du Ciel! party at Volo.  I’ll only be there for the media portion, as I have to get myself back to the beach for dinner, then my early early birthday party (my actual bday is Oct 7).  We’ll be drinking my health at Castro’s and “around”.  If you want to see me drink from the boot, we’re meeting at Castro’s at 9pm.  Great taps, some mighty bottles, and much fun to be had.

Monday I’ll be sitting down with Toronto’s beer avatar, Stephen Beaumont and the World Record Oyster Shucker Paddy McMurray at Paddy’s Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill for an evening of bivalves and brews.  Molluscs and malts.  Oysters and, ummmmm, beer.  If you’re into oysters, there’s no better palce to be Monday night.  Call (416) 366-7827 to check for availability and book seats.  After filling up on great beers, little sea-going shellfish and no shortage of great chatter, I’m heading up to Volo (again) to cast my vote for the IPA challenge final (My Bitter Wife vs Smashbomb IPA) and make sure nothing has changed in two days.

Tuesday, I’m so excited it’s hard to type….. BREWDOG DINNER AT BEERBISTRO!!!!!!!! Yes, I’ll be in attendance, I might even get a few minutes to fawn over James, from BrewDog.  Who knows.  Tickets are sold out, so I won’t bang on and on about it, but it should be epic.  Depending on how that all goes, I may or may not make it to the Writers Round Table at C’est What.  That starts at 10:00pm.  But did I mention that I’ll be at the BrewDog dinner?  Woot!

Wednesday is “west” for me (I realize the Annex/Mirvish Village is hardly west, but whatever; I nearly live in Scarborough).  The One-off Stand-off at the Victory cafe with Neil and Maz, where I’ll get one-off brews from Beau’s and Nicklebrook.  I actually opted for this over Stephen Beaumont’s Beer/Whiskey/Sweets tasting, which was a wrench.  But I love the Victory and Beau’s, and I would have had no exposure to either otherwise, so I made the tough call.  Once I’ve had enough one-offs, I’ll wander (stagger?) up to Kilgours to join my favourite beer writer, Nick Pashley, and one of the most stand-up brewers in the city, Ken Woods, for some awesome Black Oak cask ale.  I really don’t think I need to say more, those three variables are a near-perfect storm.  Depending on timing and sobriety, I might make it to the Feather’s for their Creemore night.  I love the Feather’s, and I love Creemore, plus I might get some whiskey after-all.  Fingers crossed…….

Thursday, and while my liver might be getting hopeful, there is still a good bit of drinking to be done.  Toronto Beer Week wouldn’t be right without a stop at the Monk’s Table, to enjoy the incredible selection and wonderful hospitality of Adam Grant and his crew.  Thursday we’ll be sitting down with Michael Hancock, brewer of Denison’s Weissebeir, the top rated German Style Hefeweisen on, to drink and discuss German wheat beers and eat some food in a three course pairing dinner.  Call (416) 920-9074 to check availability and book seats.  Once we wrap-up, I’ll head down to Volo (again) for another night with Ken Woods and more Black Oak cask ale.  I’m expecting it to be busy, so I’ll bring a warm sweater in case I need to drink on the patio.  Then I’ll head home and find out if I still have a wife and son to come home too.

Friday we head out to a cottage, which is dangerously close to Church-Key Brewing, so it’s entirely likely there will be yet more craftbeer.  And depending on the weather and mood of the family, I might just swing by the brew day at Volo on Sunday.  But maybe not.  I’ve already had beer from their pilot system, and I know I’ll have more.  Sometimes beer isn’t the top priority in my life, despite any evidence to the contrary.

So where are you going? Will we be at any events together?  If so, let’s raise a pint together (or tasting glass, or oyster, or whatever).  Let me know in the comments or my contact page. If you don’t know where you’ll be yet, damn, get on that.  Check full details of the week at

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