London Style Porter – Propeller Brewing Co.

So, as I’ve said I would, full disclosure: Many of you will know that I work for North American Craft, and some of you will know that we represent Propeller Brewing Co. at the LCBO in Ontario.  I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I would love to see Propeller in every liquor store across the province.  Even if I didn’t rep them, I would want to see that, because Propeller makes some incredible beers, and let’s face it, regularly available beers in Ontario from the East Coast are very limited, and in terms of craft, there is one.  Propeller ESB (an excellent beer, in of itself).  We are lucky enough to get Garrison stuff seasonally sometimes, but that’s it.  And that is a shame, because there is a heap of beer from the Maritimes that should be pleasing Ontario drinkers.  So (sales pitch), feel free to ask your local LCBO why there are so very few East Coast beers on the shelf.  Okay, now let me show you why:

London Style Porter - Propeller Brewing Co.

London Style Porter - Propeller Brewing Co.

From a 341ml bottle, Propeller London Style Porter pours a deep dark black, hinting at mahogany against a bright light. A loose tan head dropped to a bit of fuzz that stuck around most of the glass.Aroma is lovely, dark charred malts touching on burned sugar, rum, some wood and just a hint of yeast.  Taste is classic, charred malts give a coffee like quality, there’s a touch of licorice along with the hints of rum and wood, that almost make me think of a rum cask.  I am wondering if some of that licorice and wood are coming from the hops, because as I drink this, I’m aware that there is a pleasingly notable hop dryness on the finish.  Excellently balanced, and very accurate to the style, the weight is only medium light (which often confuses people, as they expect dark beers to be “heavy”), and there is a decent carbonation. I imagine while this is excellent in a bottle in Ontario, it would be phenomenal on draught in Halifax.  Don’t let stereotypes dictate your drinking; porters are lovely beers in the summer, and are particularly well-suited to BBQs, where their smokey character lends itself magnificently to a well prepared cut of meat. So go right ahead and keep on drinking those porters and stouts as all your (less cool) friends switch over to weisse beirs and such. And tell the LCBO you want to see this on the shelves this fall.  Because, trust me, you do.

Cheers, Propeller!

About the Brewery

Propeller Brewing Company is Nova Scotia’s best selling microbrewery. Our International award winning, all-natural, British-style ales and lagers are available at liquor stores, fine bars and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia. Ask for an Extra Special Bitter or an India Pale Ale, the Province’s two best selling micro brewed beers, or drop by the downtown brewery and retail store to sample brewery fresh craft ales.

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    London Style Porter – Propeller Brewing Co.
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