Dereliction D.I.P.A. — Muddy York Brewing Co.

Hey, thanks for waiting around! I know it’s been a while, right? Man, long story. Buy me a beer sometime, and I’ll tell you. So here we go! I literally just popped by Muddy York after dropping a carload of garbage to the transfer station, and Jeff said I had to try this, and man was he right! If you haven’t made it to one of his pop-up shops at his East York location, take this as your marching orders. Get there. Or check out Muddy York at Cask Days. Or whatever. Just get some of Jeff’s fantastic brews down your beer hole.

Dereliction DIPA — Muddy York Brewing co.

Dereliction DIPA — Muddy York Brewing co.

Dereliction DIPA pours a deep hazy orange with gold traces around the edges. About 1″ of tight white head drops to a solid layer that laces the glass generously. Aroma is beautiful fruity hops. Tropicals, with mango and pineapple, some citrus peel, and berries. Malts glimmer thorough, with a bit of caramel and cane sugar. Taste is just fantastic. Big sharp hops, with more of the tropicals, but now plenty of resinous almost piney hops. Balance with the sweet grainy malts is great, but it definitley is not for the uninitiated. I’m not sure what the IBU is, but this thing is a big big beer. But it’s a fantastically made beer, and another wonderful beer in Muddy York’s arsenal.

Cheers to Jeff and the team at Muddy York!

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There’s still a few bottles in the retail shop, follow Muddy York on the usual social media to see when they next are opening their retail doors.

Drink This With

A big Tikka Masala, extra chillies. If you’re new to this game, big hoppy IPAs/DIPAs make sweet sweet love to spicy foods. Also funky cheeses. I honestly haven’t had a big old farmhouse cheese in a while, but think: Cheddar. Cloth-wrapped. Dank.

About Muddy York

Here at Muddy York Brewing Co., we take a ‘less is more’ approach to brewing. We don’t look for the most unorthodox ingredients to get your attention; we let the flavour speak for itself. Remarkably drinkable and well balanced, our beers are handcrafted in small batches. We take pride in the details, because it’s the details that make good beers great.

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