Brewer’s Video Round Table — Toronto Beer Week

So I must say, I really had a wonderful time doing this. Mike, Iain and Sam were excellent guests, and I was so happy to have them hang out and talk beer. If you missed the webcast, or just want to watch it again, the full video is posted below. Thanks to everybody who tuned in and asked questions. Not to show my hand too much, but watch for an announcement soon, about a weekly webcast.  It’s going to happen….

If this is giving you problems, watch right at here:

The Original Announcement

Well, for the first time, I’m organizing my own Toronto Beer Week event. I’ve helped organize others, mostly at Castro’s, but this is a straight-up Toronto Beer Blog event, and it’s thusly: I’m going to be sitting down with three of Toronto’s best brewers, via Google Hangouts, and  talking beer.

That's Mike Lackey, and that's his beard.

That’s Mike Lackey, and that’s his beard.

Joining me world wide, via the web, will be Mike Lackey from Great Lakes Brewery, Iain McOustra from Amsterdam Brewing Co., and Sam Corbeil from Sawdust City Brewing. We will be discussing anything and everything, from brewing stories, to trends they’re following, to home brewing, to whatever.  You can watch us live via Google hangouts, anywhere you have access to  At home, at work, or while driving (Rob Ford, I know you’re reading this, possibly while driving).  Alternatively, you can watch the discussion later, as it will be archived on for the ages.

I was inspired to give this a go, after watching Wil Wheaton host the same idea with Sam From Dogfish Head and Greg from Stone Brewing. While I’m not as cool as Wil, I would say that Mike, Iain and Sam will be equally interesting and humorous guests. You can check out the original here:

Iain McOustra hates having his picture taken

Iain McOustra hates having his picture taken

So what do you need to do? Check back here at 12PM EST on Tuesday September 18th (tomorrow).  There will be a video window that will show us in all our glory.  We will be drinking beer, I would suggest you do the same (unless you’re driving, Rob).  If you’re at work, I’ll just mention that a thermal coffee mug filled with beer a) will keep your beer cold, and b) looks like a cup of coffee.  Just sayin……

Also, there’s a facebook event for this, you can find it here: RSVP if you’re planning on watching, and any last minute news, instructions etc will be posted there.

Sam Corbeil — bonus marks if you can identify real hair from fake.

Sam Corbeil — bonus marks if you can identify real hair from fake.

But wait!  There’s more.  Ever wondered if Mike has twirled his beard in a mash?  Want to know more about Sawdust City’s soon-to-be brewery space?  Curious what ethnicity the name “McOustra” is?  Feel free to ask; I’ll be taking questions via twitter.  Just tag me in the post, @ChrisSchryer and ask away.

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    I think I recognize that picture of Sam.

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