Beer Review

Hopwired IPA — 8 Wired Brewery

Did you ever read The Chrysalids in school?  Remember Sealand, the awesome country where telepaths were normal and encouraged?  Sealand was New Zealand.  It survived the nuclear holocaust, basically because it’s such an awesome place.  Even Wyndham knew that it was that awesome.  Think about it: It’s Middle Earth; they have the All Blacks; Marlborough […]

Omerta Blood Orange Pale Ale — Bellwoods Brewery

Fruit in beers, what can I say?  They range from light lime lagers to the epic Cantillion Lambics, and  lots of iterations in between.  In some cases, the fruit is really the only thing you taste, in other cases it used to compliment characteristics of the beer.  I used to say I didn’t really dig […]

Roman Candle IPA — Bellwoods Brewery

I love a good fireworks display.  When I was younger, it was all about lighting off the kind you buy at pop-up shops on the way to the cottage, firing them off over the lake on Victoria Day, Canada Day, and midnight on New Year’s.  As I’m getting older, I prefer just wandering down my […]

Goedemorgen — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

Three years ago, if you had asked me about Amsterdam Brewing, I would have talked about their excellent quality, their awesome staff, and the (large) part they played in my journey into craft beer.  I would not have talked about their cutting edge brews, pushing the culture of brewing in the city.  Great Lakes Brewery, […]

Hop Series Hallertau Hop Ale — Alexander Keith’s

Single-hop (and indeed, single-hop/single-malt pale ales), are becoming a bit of a “thing” in the beer scene.  Using careful hop additions to draw out the characteristics of the hops is something of an art form.  It’s not easily done, and it’s even challenging choosing which hop to focus on, right down to which crop or […]

Market Pale Ale — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

One of the best parts of spring returning, is the return of the dozens of farmer’s markets around Toronto. Nothing is better than wandering around, seeing neighbours, and meeting the people who grow your produce. I take my kids to St Lawrence Market most Saturday mornings, but through the summer month, I alternate weekly, and […]

Hops Series Cascade Hop Ale — Alexander Keith’s

Well it’s New Brew Tuesday (okay it was…), and I’m flying by the seat of my pants! As I type this, I’m actually at a launch party of Alexander Keith’s new Hop Series Cascade Hop Ale at the Duke of Westminster. Now, let’s just get this out of the way upfront: Yes, I know Keith’s […]

St Ambroise Erable — McAuslan Brewery

I don’t even know if I can adequately describe in words how much I love maple syrup. When I buy a new bottle (always Ontario), I open it on the spot and take a swig.  Ben does this now, too.  Be aware, if you are pouring syrup out of a bottle that I bought, it’s […]

Vicar’s Vice Old Ale — Amsterdam Brewing Co.

At this point, I expect many of my readers to be anxiously awaiting the save-the-date notice for my impending marriage to Amsterdam Brewing’s Iain McOustra.  I mean, I love the guy.  And you’re probably getting sick of hearing about it, but it’s hard when a dude is equal parts amazing brewer and genuinely awesome person.  […]

St Ambroise Pale Ale — McAuslan Brewery

I was seriously shocked when I checked and discovered I had never actually reviewed McAuslan’s St Ambroise Pale Ale.  I mean, I drink it frequently, both in bottles and on draught.  I often sing it’s praises to others, and feel that it is one of the best English-style pale ales available in Ontario, if not […]