Beer News

Beer News

Beau’s Oktoberfest is This Weekend!

Beau's skateboard deck in support of 1squarefoot.

So I know I’ve been posting the press releases etc, but allow me just a minute to tell you exactly why I will drive 4.5 hours east on Friday, just to join a party the likes of which I could probably find closer to home. The answer is simple: I actually couldn’t find it closer […]


Toronto Skyline

“Industry Event of the Year” features 30+ Speakers/Presenters/Experts 45 Craft Brewing Industry Suppliers in Marketplace & Special Guests, Scottish Craft Brewers on a “Learning Journey” TORONTO (September 26, 2014) – Ontario Craft Brewers will host their third annual, one-day industry conference on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at the Allstream Centre (Exhibition Place), 105 Princes Blvd, […]

Shock-Top is Made by the Biggest Brewer in the World.

Fony 2015, it's huge

Despite what (apparently) 75% of you think, Shock-Top is produced by an international brewing conglomerate. Actually, the biggest one there is, Anheuser-Busch/InBev (ABIB). Surprised? Maybe. Do you care? I’m sure readers here cover the spectrum from “Nope” to “Yup”. Before we get to the real issue here, let me say this: there is a lot […]

Steam Whistle’s Authentic Oktoberfest Party

Steam Whistle Brewing brings Oktoberfest’s authentic experience to Canada and invites beer lovers from across the country to clank their steins and celebrate the largest festival in the world. Steam Whistle will be celebrating Oktoberfest with the Ultimate Oktoberfest Party on Sept 20th at the brewery. “ After taking our staff on a trip to […]

Autumn LCBO Craft Beer Release – Stouts and Porters

Fall leaves

With the constantly improving seasonal releases from the LCBO, it’s no surprise the Autumn Release is full of fantastic Stouts and Porters to warm up to this fall. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you know that short of visiting a local brewery, the LCBO is your destination for awesome craft beer. Yes, […]

4 Shocking Ingredients in EVERY BEER

Every day, millions of people world wide enjoy a nice cold beer. We all assume that the brewers of those beers have our safety and best interests at heart BUT DO THEY? Some recent investigating by this reporter has turned up some truly shocking ingredients that are in, literally, every beer, including those so-called craft […]

Beau’s Fall Seasonal Beer Night Märzen Returns to LCBO

OTTAWA – (September 2, 2014) All the bounty of harvest season has returned, and so has Night Märzen, a super-versatile, easy to pair Oktoberfest lager from Beau’s All Natural. The seasonal offering will be available in Beau’s signature 600 mL bottles at the LCBO and from the Vankleek Hill craft brewery, as well as on […]

Toronto Festival of Beer is Here!

Do you love beer? I love beer.

I’m guessing if you’re the type of person who reads this type of blog, you probably already knew this, but Toronto Festival of Beer starts today! If you’re already in the know and are just like “come on, Schryer, just tell me how to win those tickets”, scroll down, my friend.

B-Side Brewing Label releases first single today, Kissmeyer Nordic Saison

OTTAWA – (July 24, 2014) B-Side Brewing Label, Ontario’s “record label, but for beer!” is releasing a new beer today, a Nordic Saison from brewing artist Kissmeyer Beer. This is the second beer release under the brewing label, which launched in 2013. Eastern Ontario’s Beau’s All Natural Brewery, which operates the B-Side label, is calling […]

Bee The Name

Roayl York Bees

Cat Lady. Long Dark Voyage to Uranus. Long Dong. Cockpuncher. Shawinigan Handshake. There are some pretty epic beer names out there. And now you have a chance to add to that list! Since 2011, The Royal York (yeah, that one) has been serving an exclusive beer made for them by Mill Street Brewery in their […]