Beer News

Beer News

Beaver River IPA from Beau’s is Back!

Beaver River IPA bottle and glass.

Gold medal award-winning IPA has bold-yet-balanced blend of hops with citrusy, earthy hop aromas, complemented by bready maltiness and caramel flavours VANKLEEK HILL – (Mar. 23, 2015) Beau’s Brewery has brought back their award-winning spring seasonal IPA for a 2015 engagement. Beaver River is an assertive yet-very-drinkable India Pale Ale that marries the typical flavour […]

So-so news on the political front

Loblaws Location

I know it’s early, and we’re *this close* to March break, so I’ll forgive you if you haven’t heard, but Martin Regg Cohn broke a pretty big story for The Star this morning. You can read it here: but the short version is that it looks like the Provincial government’s long-awaited plans to modernize […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Katy Brown, killing it.

From the whole crew down here at, we’d like to wish everybody a big huge happy International Women’s Day. I know not a small number of women who are huge superstars, but for the sake of this blog, I’d like to give special recognition to the wonderful women who make and sell beer around […]

Muddy York Brewing Co. Ready to Launch in Ontario Next Week

Old Toronto was covered in mud

Toronto, ON – Muddy York Brewing Co. is pleased to announce that they will be supplying licensees with their first offering, Muddy York Porter, next week. An official launch date of January 29th, 2015 will see this beer on tap at various locations, including The Wren, Buster Rhino’s, The Mugshot Tavern and The Bent Elbow […]

My Obligatory The Beer Store Critique.

Beer Store at the end of the rainbow

I’ve said in the past that news about alcohol sales in Ontario is cyclical, but every time a story breaks the wave pushes a little further up the beach. If that’s the case the leaked agreement before Christmas flooded the front garden bed, and the news today soaked the front hall. If you, unlike me, […]

The Great Sam Adams Debate

While big brewers aren’t bad for being successful, and small bars aren’t bad for aiming to be unique, I have no time for blind hipsterism. If you are a good little craft beer fan, you probably followed the moderate explosion in the craft beer world south of the border yesterday. Let’s call it Jimgate. If […]

Old News: The LCBO is The Beer Store’s bitch

If you’ve been following along the usual social media channels today, you will likely have seen a good deal about the leaked document outlining the operational agreement between The LCBO and BRI Inc (the fancy name for The Beer Store). I was one of more than a few writers that got sent the leaked document […]

Too Much News

Looks like a nice evening in.

Wow, stop blogging for a few weeks to actually do something to earn income, and you find yourself with a not small backlog of news, samples, and events. Let’s get to this: I Call It Uncanny A few beers are now available in cans, and I couldn’t be happier. Why? Cans are perfectly air-tight and […]

Should I Shave or Should I Grow

That's a big beard on Chris Schryer

Update! Well, in the end, like a leafs game, it was a blow out. In total, we raised nearly $650 for the Nicaragua trip, and grow won with a very comfortable $500. Turns out people really do like the lumberjack look! So thank you thank you thank you. In addition to letting me keep my […]

New Beau’s “Ballot” Pale Ale rewards voting action in Toronto’s Ward 19

PUBLIC Inc. & Beau’s All Natural Brewing’s initiative celebrates young voter turnout in Trinity-Spadina at post-election events featuring Ballot, a “democratically elected” beer (TORONTO – Oct. 16, 2014) Beau’s All Natural Brewery has teamed up with Toronto’s cause-marketing agency PUBLIC Inc. to create an electoral campaign designed to encourage and celebrate young voter turnout in […]