Barley’s Angels Toronto – May 25th 2011

Barley's Angels LogoJust got a note from Mirella Amato, of the Toronto Chapter of Barley’s Angels regarding an event tomorrow night.  BA is a group committed to involving women in the enjoyment of craft beer by creating environments where women can learn more about beer in a friendly, educational and supportive atmosphere, thus creating more women beer enthusiasts, and, ultimately, involving more women in beer- and brewery-related careers.

Quoting their director, Lisa Morrison

“Obviously, women don’t need a club or group to enjoy a good beer, but the power of women together can transcend beyond the usual into a force that borders on the magical. When we combine our strengths and our imaginations and encourage each other to explore new and exciting beers with us in a supportive environment, we learn more, we create more — and we have more fun. That’s what Barley’s Angels is all about!”

The dinner tomorrow night is at beer bistro in the private dinning room for women only, and is featuring beers from Koenigshoeven (the Dutch Trappist brewery), and will include the first Canadian tasting of their quadruppel aged in oak.  I’m really wishing I was a women at the moment.

Full details can be found at:

You can purchase tickets by calling (905)828-2234

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