2015 Beer Fest Shirts Now Available

Beer festival season is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! There is little I love more than heading out to one of the many amazing festivals we have here in and around the GTA, hanging out with other beer fans, and drinking amazing beers.

Katy Brown, killing it.

See? I love them!

So to make the experience even better, I decided to make up a fun shirt for all you like-minded beer fest attendees. I’m calling it the 2015 Beer Fest Shirt (because I have a tendency to just call things what they are). And you can get yours now, for the low cost of $25USD (including shipping to Canada, and they’re cheaper if you order more than one at a time!).

Buy yours now!

The shirt is designed to help with a few things I like about festivals: meeting new people and getting to know them, getting free stuff, and getting home safely. How does a single shirt accomplish all these feats? Well, my friend, let me tell you.

2015 Beer Fest Shirt

2015 Beer Fest Shirt Design (Yours will come without hand-writing, I assure you)

The front design is like a big “Hello, my name is….” tag. It’s got a spot for your name, and also a spot for you to list your favourite style of beer (yes, writing “Doggy” here would be bro-tastic and hilarious; now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can nobody do that?). It also has a spot for you to write where you would like to be woken up, should you fall into an enchanted slumber after your energy is spent from the delightful fancies of the social occasion. You could write a subway or GO station, intersection, neighbourhood, or even your address if you roll in the taxicabs. There are also a handful of events listed, which I (or a representative) will be at, and if you find us, we’ll mark your shirt over the festival name. If you have a shirt with all the events marked off, you will be entered to win a fantastic prize (yet to be determined, but it will be awesome, because you will be awesome if you can do it. It will involved beer).

There will also be event-specific prizes, that could be an “Instagram us a pic in your shirt” type things, or scavenger hunts, or brewery-specific challenges, etc. I will also be roaming festivals with free stuff from breweries to hand out to fellow beer fans sporting their shirt.

Beyond that, you will be the proud owner of a lovely limited-edition shirt! Just so you know, these are American Apparel shirts, with water-based screen printing. If that is like another language to you, it means that they are amazing quality shirts, that will feel all soft and huggable, and will last for years to come. You can order yours, in a standard or women’s crew neck, in 5 fantastic colours.

The way Tspring works (who I’m using for this endeavour), is I set a goal for the sales period (200 shirts in 10 days), but they will print them at the end of the campaign, as long as we sell at least 15. Which will be easy peasy!

So get yours here: https://teespring.com/beer-fest-shirt-2015

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