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West Coast Session Lager — Local 7

West Coast Session Lager — Local 7

For the uninitiated, every year for Session Toronto a group of bar owners (The Local 7) produce a limited release beer for the festival in partnership with Sweetgrass Brewing and Sawdust City. Each of the bars serve the beer during OCB Week, and it is available at a limited number of LCBOs. They’ve done a […]

Anniversary No. 3 — Left Field Brewery

Anniversary No. 3 — Left Field Brewery

Sigh. Left Field. What can I say? Like watching a friend’s child grow from cute quirky kindergartner into a mature confident adult (I’m looking at you, Taylor Jackson), I have been so very lucky to have been witness to one of the most lovely success stories in Toronto in recent years. From hanging out in […]

Muddy York Brewing Co. Ready to Launch in Ontario Next Week

Old Toronto was covered in mud

Toronto, ON – Muddy York Brewing Co. is pleased to announce that they will be supplying licensees with their first offering, Muddy York Porter, next week. An official launch date of January 29th, 2015 will see this beer on tap at various locations, including The Wren, Buster Rhino’s, The Mugshot Tavern and The Bent Elbow […]

The Loose Moose, Toronto

“The Mississippi Delta, is shining like a national guitar/ I am following the river down the highway through the cradle of the civil war…” Picture this: you were part of one of the most popular duos of your generation. Parting ways with your partner at the height of your popularity, you go on to be […]

Irish Red – Cheshire Valley Brewing

Cheshire Valley Irish Red

Know what I like?  Beer.  I think that goes without saying.  I am particularly fond of Cheshire Valley, the “virtual brewery” of Paul Dickey (his words).  Paul makes some of my favourite beers in Toronto.  His mild might well be my desert-island beer now.  It’s that good.  His Robust Porter (which will be arriving at […]

Project X – Great Lakes Brewery – January 12 2012

That's Mike Lackey, and that's his beard.

So Project X is not really a new thing.  Indeed, I’ve talked about it various times on this very blog.  If you don’t know, every month, Great Lakes Brewing Co. hosts an amazing party called Project X.  The idea is, people head down to the brewery to drink awesome great lakes beer, usually including a […]

Toronto Beer Week 2011 – Official Dates

I realize this came out last week, but I figure better late than never.  It’s official, the dates for this year’s TBW are set.  Book your vacation time now, for September 16-24.  Below is the official press release: February 7, 2011 – TORONTO – We are pleased to announce that the 2nd annual Toronto Beer […]

Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (There’s Beer Too) – November 18-21

Next weekend in Toronto features a yearly event well worth going to, even if you have no interest in beer (what the heck are you doing here, though?).  The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (not to be confused with the Wine and Cheese show, and Sante), opens its doors again this year at the Metro […]

Cask Days – Bar Volo

Just in from Ralph at Volo!!!! ABOUT CASK DAYS October has become Toronto’s annual month to celebrate cask-condition ale – a term for unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated beer that undergoes secondary fermentation. Once tapped, cask-ale – also referred to as real ale, has only a few days to be consumed at it’s peak; we call […]

Weisse Beer Pairing with Michael Hancock at The Monk’s Table – Toronto Beer Week

My last day of Toronto Beer Week was looking promising: a dinner with Michael Hancock, Black Oak beers at Volo, possibly Guinness and oysters at Ceili, and who knows what else? Due to poor time-management on my part, I was totally late getting to the Monk’s Table. No worries though, Michael was still talking through […]