Manuel Labour – Support could get you beer

So an old friend of mine from public school, Ryan Noel, has grown up (unlike me) and become an indie film maker.  For his most recent project, Manuel Labour – Trash Collecting Garbage, he decided to tap into the crowdfunding trend right now.  You can check out his kickstarter page here:

So we decided to partner up to encouraging giving, and put together a little incentive contest.  Starting yesterday, and ending tomorrow, the highest donation on his kick-starter campaign will receive a gift pack furnished by me and some local breweries (and one distant one).

Manuel Labour beer prize

In the pack is the following:

-2 Denisons Weissebeir (474ml)
-2 Granville Island Robson St Hefeweisen (341ml)
-2 Stone Hammer Light (341ml)
-1 Great Lakes Harry Porter and the Bourbon-soaked Vanilla Beans (650ml, not pictured)
-1 Black Oak Ten Bitter years (341ml)
-1 Nickel Brook Headstock IPA (341ml)
-1 Denisons Weissebeir glass
-1 TAPS The Beer Magazine Great Ontario Pubs book
-1 Beaus All-Natural trucker hat
-1 Beaus All-Natural womens t-shirt

So get on over to the campaign site and donate.  Not only will you have the chance to win a lovely gift pack, but you will be supporting Toronto-based indie film-making.

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