Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it:  I’m totally stealing this idea from my fellow beer-blogger, Matt, over at One Beer At A Time.  This is what’s waiting for me in my fridge/cupboard. I’m going to include the beers I’ve already reviewed, but won’t list things that I’ve bought just to drink (like, if I’m going to a party, and I get a 12 of Steamwhistle).  Beers that have links have been reviewed, and you can check them out by clicking the link.  Un-linked ones are still waiting.

Boris Bio – Brasserie Licorne SAS
Sam Adams Summer Ale – Boston Beer Co.

Weizen Imperiale Grand Cuvee 2009 – Les Trois Mousquetaires
Rosee d’Hibiscus – Dieu du Ciel!

Lemon Tea Beer – Mill St Brewery

Cherry Ale – Trafalgar Ales and Meads

Hopfen Weisse – G. Scheinder & Sohns and Brooklyn Brewery
Organic Raspberry – Samuel Smith’s
Galt Knife Old Style Lager – Grand River Brewing

Kellerbier – Creemore Springs

Lug-Tread Ale – Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Co.
Classic – Baltika Breweries
Lancaster Bomber – Thwaites

Dragon Stout

Gaffel Kolsch

Skjálfti – Ölvisholt Brugghús

Wind & Sail Dark Ale – Barley Days Brewing Co
Sam Adams Boston Lager – Boston Beer Co.
New Grist – Lakefront Brewery
Belgian Wit – Mill St Brewery
Prima Pils – Victory Brewing Co.
Bikini Blonde Lager – Maui Brewing Co.
IPA – Southern Teir
Coors Light
Iron Spike – Railway City Brewing
Saku Original
Estrella Damm
Lasko Zlatorog Lager
Ozujsko Pivo
Organic Weisen Edel-Weisse – G Schneider & Sohn
Anniversary Pilsner – Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.

ESB – Fullers
London Porter – Fullers
London Pride – Fullers
Pale Ale – Headstrong
Abbot Ale – Greene King
Black Sheep Ale – Black Sheep Brewery
Pedigree  – Marstons
Stonewall Stout – Publican House Brewery
Sqaure Nail Pale Ale – Publican House Brewery
Nobel (Dry Hopped) – Christofel
Dead Elephant Ale – Railway City Brewing
Paddy’s Irish Red – Trafalgar Ales and Meads
Brooklyn Lager – Brooklyn Brewing Co
Ola Dubh Reserve 40 – Harviestoun
60 Minute IPA – Dogfish Head Brewery
Russian Gun Imperial Stout – Grand River Brewing
T.E.A. – Hogsback Brewery
Tusker – Keyna Breeries Ltd.
Sgt Major IPA – Scotch Irish Brewing
Liberty Ale – Anchor Brewing Co
Sleeman Clear
Yellow Snow IPA – Rogue
Anchor Steam Beer – Anchor Brewing Co
10W30 – Neustadt Brewing
Canuck Pale Ale – Great Lakes Brewing
Molson 67

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    looks like your cellar is getting low on supplies, better stock up!

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