Brewer’s Plate 2012

If that title doesn’t have you immediately looking up this year’s Brewer’s Plate (it’s here, by the way), perhaps my review of the night from last year is in order. Okay, back with me?  Have you headed over to the Brewer’s Plate website and bought your ticket yet? Just in case the answer is no, or you are lazy and didn’t check either of the links I just gave you, let me help out.

Brewer's Plate 2012

Brewer’s Plate is an incredible evening of food and beer (and yes, even wine).  Some of the top breweries partner with some of the top chefs from restaurants and artisnal food producers around the city and throw one hell of a party.  This year, Brewer’s Plate will be hosted at Roy Thompson Hall, on April 18th, starting at 6:15pm.  With 22 Ontario brewers serving up some of the best beers in the province it is a beer-lovers paradise.  Further more, as the food is supplied by a who’s who of the Toronto restaurant scene, and some of the city’s best quirky artisnal food companies, there will be times when you’re hard-pressed to hold on to a glass of beer and a plate of food, while maneuvering a fish taco to your mouth. Trust me on this one….. You might also be called upon to eat, not so much an oyster, but rather some type of prehistoric mollusc.

Now the why: Well, I personally think that eating food and drinking beer in a lovely social setting is reason enough, but just in case you need more persuading, Brewer’s Plate partners with a local charity, and proceeds from the event go to them.  Yes, it’s a charitable event to boot.  This year, the benefactor is Green Thumbs Growing Kids.  This is a group dedicated to working with urban children and youth, and their families, to learn to grow and prepare environmentally sustainable produce.  Awesome, right?  You can get full details on Green Thumbs Growing Kids at their website

So head over to the Brewer’s Plate website and get your ticket.  They go for $125.00, which between the amount of food you are about to eat, and the fact that proceeds go to charity, is a total steal.  Also, this year, they have an early-bird contest.  Everyone who purchases a ticket before midnight on April 5th will be entered into a draw to win 15 000 airmiles, which gets you a flight just about anywhere in Canada (and some places in the states).

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