Amsterdam’s New Brewery(ies)

Barrels full of beer at Amsterdam

Even from a brewer (some of whom rise really really early), a 9am phone call from Iain McOustra raised my eyebrows. “I’m going to the space where the brewpub will be.  You can come check it out, if you want, but no pictures; it’s not ready yet.” I had been planning on heading up to […]

Interview with Bill Coleman – Cameron’s Brewing Company

Things seem to be in a constant state of change in the brewing scene here in Ontario.  More and more breweries are trying new and exciting brews, they’re growing, not just in portfolio, but in physical size too.  New faces are turning up, as demand increases.  All this is excellent for beer drinkers here, who […]

Why I love Beau’s – Part 2

Yup, it’s that time again.  I haven’t stepped up on the old Beau’s Soap Box.  So what’s the deal?  Well, for one, a while back Beau’s hosted a great event at Volo, with a variety of their brews on cask, and the whole team was out and cool to hang out and chat.  I tried […]

Beer for your Mum

The Granite Brewery & Restaurant once again proves to be one of the coolest places in Toronto. Cheers to Ron and the crew at the Granite.  We’ll have to see if the Schryer’s get time to take Bentley’s mum in for a brew.

Ptown crawl part IV – The Olde Stone Brewery

Last stop, though I really should have already left. The Olde Stone is a brew pub right in downtown ptown. With a brewery in the basement, this place serves both their own brews on draught, as well as five Ontario guest taps. Today they were serving their stout, red fife ale, bitter, old ale and […]

Ptown crawl part I – Publican House Brewery

After dropping my mum at her desired location in Peterborough, I headed to Charlotte St and the pleasant Publican House Brewery. Bought myself a growler of Square Nail Pale Ale and had a great chat about their intentions to open up the restaurant part of their facility. It sounds like they’re headed in the right […]

Church-Key Brewing

Ahhhhh, long weekends. Is there anything that warms a Canadian’s heart more then piling into a car and driving to a cottage? In my case, yes. Knowing that I can stop in at Church-Key Brewing ups my temp by at least one degree. For the uninitiated: Church-Key is located in Pethrick’s Corners, which is just […]

Catching Up

Hey there, Okay, so first off, I’m still alive after the 67 experience.  Tough, you know?  I just reviewed the empties that I really need to return, and it occurs to me that I need to be more mentally aware of which LCBOs I go to; I’ve been drinking a lot of Creemore.  This isn’t […]

Good news regarding Hop City Brewing Co.

So, I do swear that I will post at least three longer blogs about my exploits this past weekend, but not now.  For now, a quick update about Hop City Brewing Co.  In my 2009 year in review, I talked about how I didn’t really know anything about them.  I alluded to the fact that […]

Why I love Beau’s – Part One

Because they are an awesome brewery, doing awesome awesomeness. End of blog. Okay, I’m told I need to say more. So on Monday, a kindly gentleman wandered into Castro’s and took a seat at table 101. I always like people who choose 101, as it was my preferred table, back when I was just a […]