Bar Review

The Loose Moose, Toronto

“The Mississippi Delta, is shining like a national guitar/ I am following the river down the highway through the cradle of the civil war…” Picture this: you were part of one of the most popular duos of your generation. Parting ways with your partner at the height of your popularity, you go on to be […]

The Griffin Gastropub – Bracebridge

Growing up, we used to have a cottage about half an hour from Bracebridge.  While we would pop into Bala or Port Carling for quick shops, when we needed to buy big items or lots of anything, it seemed like we always went to Bracebridge.  While I was aware there was a quaint area in […]

Ptown crawl part IV – The Olde Stone Brewery

Last stop, though I really should have already left. The Olde Stone is a brew pub right in downtown ptown. With a brewery in the basement, this place serves both their own brews on draught, as well as five Ontario guest taps. Today they were serving their stout, red fife ale, bitter, old ale and […]

Ptown crawl part III – St Veronus Cafe and Tap Room

On the advice of Marty at Publican, I left The Only and wandered along Hunter St. to St. Veronus which is a classic Belgian style bar. Elegant and clean layout, with a few different rooms, including a small bar room where I sat. Two super friendly servers (Andrea and Devon) chatted amicably and, after some […]

Ptown crawl part II – The Only Cafe

So my second stop took me to The Only Cafe. Which is strange to me, as The Only is on Danforth in Toronto, right? Well, about 20 years ago, the dude who opened the Danforth location, Jerome, sold it, moved to Peterborough, and opened what is basically the same bar. Eclectic furniture, walls covered in […]

Volo, late friday nights

I drink at Volo a fair amount (so should you). So trying to objectively review them is impossible, because I have years of history there. That history is a long testimony to what is an excellently run bar that is leading the charge when it comes to beer in Toronto. I can honestly say I […]

Victory – a possible correction

Just a note on my Victory Cafe review. I had totally forgot hand-pumped cask ales can have a significant head on them. So it’s possible my accusation that I recieved a draft ale was unfounded. It definitely was also fairly carbonated, but that’s entirely possible too. So my apologies if I was an idiot. I […]

The Victory Cafe

So this past Friday night, after hockey, I decided it was about time to get down to the Victory. I had met Neil and Maz at a few Volo events, and had promised up and down I would stop by sometime. Before I go on, I will offer a pre-defence for the Victory: it was […]